Utah’s Zion is Breathtaking

When we first arrived, Zion National park was grandiose. We thought, this place can’t be as cool as Yosemite.”

Well, it certainly was – albeit Yosemite is also amazing on its own.

The canyons, the colors the many trail options to take the kids on, this place is indeed amazing.

We geared up and took a mid-morning hike on Pa’Rus Trail. This trail is easy, pet-friendly, and hugs a creek and campsites along the way. The kids loved it too! Especially when they got to swim in the creek.

The spectacular views and the inviting water helps you relax and enjoy this amazing National Park.

Deposits on this mountain creates unusual ridges that make it fun for kids to climb on

A gorgeous view of Zion Valley

Pa’rus Trail sits in a valley surrounded by nature and outstanding views.

Pa’rus Trail creek has strong currents in certain areas.

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