Horseshoe Bend, the Grand Canyon’s Sidekick

Despite its popularity as being one of the world’s natural wonders, the Grand Canyon has a second most popular sidekick: Horseshoe Bend.

Add this spot to your list of attractions to visit if you’re visiting Arizona. Yes, there’s a lot more to see without having to drive a lot, but it’s worth it.

Seeing of the Colorado carved it millions and millions of years ago, and noticing how everyone around you is at awe of its magnificient splendor, you can’t help but join everyone and also marvel at it.

Another fact is that if you’re an amateur photographer, like us, Horseshoe Bend is so awesome that all your photos come out pro. Well, almost – just make sure you’re safe.

The hike to the edge was easy, but make sure plenty of water is available.

Once you get to the edge, Horseshoe Bend stands out. Just be safe!


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