How We Pack The Kids

If you have school-aged children you already know that traveling with them is easy. Right? And hopefully, like us, you also know that you don’t have to kill yourself preparing them for that next adventure.

We’ve learned that our son and daughter are resilient when it comes to everything. They react well when we throw curve balls at them (thank-goodness!). So the meals, sleeping and clothing factors, we don’t sweat them. They’ll eat when hungry and change into whatever outfit they themselves packed (yes “they themselves”). They’ll also sleep anywhere under any circumstance and condition (We can only wish we could do that, with the neck thing).

One thing we never forget to pack, though, is swimming gear – because every vacation spot in the world will have water to dip their toes in. Yes, even in mid-winter.

We pack coloring books, reading material and notebooks. Good ideas are achieved if they write or illustrate them (we’re hoping).

Daydreaming and staring at the clouds is a must for everyone.

That’s it. That’s how we do. It takes little preparation to make sure they’re happy.

*Edited by Joslin

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